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Fun Science 4 U provides electronic supplemental learning modules for online learning, text book supplementation, full online course design, and individual animations to help clarify complicated concepts. Interactive science makes science fun and easy to learn for all ages.
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Welcome to Fun Science 4 U

Please enjoy the examples of interactive distance learning modules. Fun Science 4 U can design and/or develop complete online courses or supplemental animations to enhance text book materials. Studies are showing that most students retain more knowledge when they can utilize more than one of their five senses during the learning process. Interactive learning designs can promote personalized learning and increase engagement and motivation. In addition, the instant feed back from interactive modules helps students gain confidence in their progress as well as keeps the instructor informed of concepts which may be potentially difficult to comprehend. Interactive learning is FUN learning - so enjoy your stay and let us know if we can help you modernize your curriculum.

Sample Lesson on Biotechnology
Sample Lesson: Biotechnology
200 Level College (DEMO)

Learn about DNA the fun way with this educational and interactive app for Android available on Google Play now
Learn about DNA the fun way. Interactive and Educational App for Android tablets. Available on Google Play now!





Griffith's Transformation Experiment


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